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$15 each plus $5 s/h

Our limited edition DVD contains the full length ceremony dedicating the Dan Fogelberg Memorial at Riverfront Park in Peoria, IL on August 28, 2010. Also included is a wonderful time-lapse video which chronicles the construction of the memorial prior to its dedication.

For those who attended the ceremony, this is a special keepsake. For those who were not able to attend, you will now be able to experience the beautiful event.

$15 each plus $5 s/h

Fixed Wing Flight - The Graylings Project

This project is a tribute to Dan's music by his long time friend and bandmate, Robert McEntee. He took ten of Dan's songs and put a new spin on them. You're still going to recognize the songs but with a twist. Our friends Tim Jessup, Sheldon Felich, Bob Ritter and Mary Bomar added some lush vocals while Patterson Barrett, Mark Andes, David Halley and Eric Mills contributed great guitar work. The enormous amount of love put into this project is tangible to the ears and to the hearts of the listeners.

Songs are: "The Language of Love", "Phoenix", "Loose Ends", "Hickory Grove", "Crow", "The Innocent Age", "The Power of Gold", "Love Gone By", "Reason to Run", and "The Last Nail".

This is a definite collectible keepsake for all DanFans.

All proceeds from the sale of this CD goes directly to the Foundation.


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