Dan Fogelberg Celebration Weekend Re-cap

The weekend was absolutely fabulous and we had a lot of our regular attendees tell us that it was the best celebration yet! The weather was absolutely perfect the whole weekend. It was so much fun to celebrate Dan Fogelberg Day by watching Greetings From The West on the giant screen at the Peoria Riverfront Museum Thursday night. We always thought of Dan as "bigger than life" and having Dan on the giant screen, well, that was a sight to see. We loved it so much that we look forward to doing it again!

We had a lovely, sacred dedication ceremoney for the "Let It Shine" plaque at the Peoria Heights Observation Tower Friday morning. Mary and Bob Ritter sang "Gambler" after the blessing and then the attendees each came up to view the plaque and then reflected their gratitude for Dan and the gifts he left us by scattering rose petals on the wind. It was a touching event. Thank you again to those of you who contributed to make this a reality.

Friday evening's concert at the Gateway Building with Steve Rodman and Rodman Rail was full of high energy, a lot of love and comradery! We had a lot of new DanFans at our event this year and we believe they felt well embraced and welcomed! Everyone was up on their feet, singing, dancing and hugging all night! The venue was the perfect place for the concert. One of the many highlights of the evening was the performance of the song "A Voice For Peace" and everyone was signing along with all their hearts. It was beautiful!

The Saturday afternoon picnic was fun as always. The blessing was very uplifting and Mary and Bob Ritter sang "The Higher You Climb." This year we had food catered and served by Connie Randall with A Matter of Taste Catering. It was a huge hit and we look forward to working with Connie again in the future. Everyone always enjoys taking photos of the memorial, paying their respects and gathering to sing some of Dan's songs.

Thanks to all of you who attended this year's event. It is always so rewarding to witness a demonstration of the love fans have for Dan and the love they have for each other as kindred spirits who understand the depth of the gifts he shared with us. Since Dan didn't have any children, we know each DanFan takes their role of being a living legacy to his music very sacredly, as we do, and we so enjoy having the opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate Dan. We look forward to expanding our vision farther in the near future.


Ever On...
Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria
Hugh Higgins, Deb Jelinek and Eric Mills, co-founders


Event photos: Susan Coleman Layman and Joe Couri