In the past, our Dan Fogelberg Memorial events and tributes were primarily funded by private individuals. Proceeds from these events, if there were any, would benefit various charitable organizations. Each year, we would begin again with nothing in hand but best intentions. The tremendously favorable responses and numerous requests from attendees of the Peoria Memorial Celebration in 2010 led us to believe that we could continue this positive momentum, and nurture it into annual celebrations. To do that, we needed to create a system of financial support and organizational structure that we could steer towards this goal. The Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria was in 2011 created to address these needs.

The Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria is a not for profit organization incorporated and recognized by the state of IL, created to honor the musical legacy of Dan Fogelberg. The Foundation is also a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. The Foundation will sponsor events for the purpose of raising funds to meet goals of the mission statement of the organization. Sponsored events will engage and support fine arts through live performance of music, displaying of art work, or the performance of live theater. Under the guidance of the FFoP, these events may also extend to other communities outside of the Peoria area. Sponsored events will include information that will assist in creating community awareness of prostate cancer testing and research.

In addition to events, the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria will also seek opportunities to honor Dan Fogelberg by continuing to create awareness of his musical legacy in a manner that is respectful and dignified.

The Foundation will establish a charitable fund that will support fine art projects, accept scholarship/grant requests, and award recipients based upon funds available. The Foundation will also continue to beautify, maintain, and expand the Dan Fogelberg Memorial site at Riverfront Park in Peoria, IL.

Co-founders of the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria
Hugh Higgins, Eric Mills and Deb Jelinek

Board Members: Suzette Boulais and Michael Gifford


FFoP Supports The Peoria Arts Guild

The Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria made a donation to the Peoria Arts Guild Premier Program which came from proceeds from the "Innocent Age" tribute concert to Dan during the Celebration Weekend in August. Foundation co-founder, Hugh Higgins, presented the check to Co-presidents Rich Zuckerman and Dr. Lindsey Ma. These funds will be used specifically to help support the arts programs at Glen Oak School. Glen Oak is the elementary school that Dan and his brothers attended, and also where Dan's mother, Margaret, was working as a teacher when she first met "The Leader Of The Band", Lawrence Fogelberg.

FFoP donates to the Peoria Art Guild


Benefactor Grant To UsToo Peoria

At our picnic in the park the past few years, some of you may remember a guest speaker by the name of George Melton. George is the local chairperson for UsTOO PEORIA. UsToo International has 325 chapters around the world and the Peoria chapter was chartered in 1993. They provide peer support and education to prostate cancer survivors and their spouses and deliver the GET TESTED message whenever and wherever they can.

The Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria has donated $500 each of the past few years. It was decided that fulfilling their request of a Benefactor Grant would be in keeping with the mission statement of the FFoP, and another way for us to honor Dan’s memory and wishes.

FFoP gives grant to UsToo Peoria


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