September 9, 2017

We cordially invite you to join us in our 8th annual celebration of Dan's music in Nashville, TN.

Our celebration will be on Saturday, September 9th but we encourage you to kick of your DF weekend with attending "Part of the Plan," the musical which has Dan's music as the soundtrack. The musical debuts at the James K. Polk theatre on Sept. 8th. It is suggested that DanFans who want to see this very first show, get tickets now through this special link.

After a lot of thought regarding how we could best capture Dan's time of Nashville, the FFoP planning committee decided to take you all out to the country...

  • Saturday 11 am - 2 pm
    Edwin Warner Park in Nashville

    We have reserved a large picnic shelter in a gorgeous area and we are currently selecting our partner to provide boxed lunches. We will plan on taking boxed lunch orders closer to the event. We will be charging for the lunch and drinks but no "admission." We will provide you the address and directions at a later date.
  • Saturday 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm:
    Dan Fogelberg Tribute Concert
    Van F. Mills MD Amphitheater
    Bibb-White Bluff Civic Center
    White Bluff, TN

    We are excited to bring you one of our endorsed bands, Mary Bomar and Bob Ritter, with Bill Ritter as featured musicians for the evening at this brand new amphitheater in Old Tennessee! Mary, Bob and Bill were a huge hit last year at our event in Portland, ME. We know they will capture just the right spirit for our relaxed, laid back evening in the country under the stars. Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay will be our opening act. We will putting tickets on sale for this concert by the end of July.

2017 Tribute Concerts Benefitting FFoP

After 6 wonderful years in Peoria, our vision of taking our Celebration Weekend was realized for the seventh annual event. And we felt the appropriate place to celebrate was in Dan's adopted state of Maine. Our Friday night Welcome Party was held in a beautiful historic mansion in Portland and was attended by many special guests -- including Jean Fogelberg; the producers of "Part of the Plan" musical (Kate Atkinson and Karen Harris); the President/CEO of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (Kathleen OBrien), and some dear friends of Dan's (Kevin, Carolyn, Peter and Barbara). Our casual, relaxed living room style concert was performed by Bomar and Ritter with guest Bill Ritter. It was a stellar evening! Our Saturday afternoon event was a three hour lunch cruise aboard the Bay Mist ferry from Casco Bay Lines, followed by a fabulous concert by our endorsed band, The Don Campbell Band, at Jonathan's in Ogunquit, ME. Over 80% of our attendees were participating for the first time and we know that it was the best event yet!
We can't wait to take our event out on the road again in 2017! Hope to see you there!

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In conjunction with the state of Illinois legislature passing a resolution designating
Dan's birthday, August 13th as Dan Fogelberg Day, we hosted our
6th annual event in Peoria, IL August 13-15, 2015. There were a lot of first time
attendees and the returnees said it was their favorite weekend yet! Thanks to all of the
wonderful musicians who helped make it so fabulous! Thanks also to the staff at Peoria Riverfrong Museum,
Hotel Pere Marquette/Courtyard, Gateway Building, Connie Randall at A Matter of Taste Catering,
Marla and staff at Cracked Pepper Catering.

Check out our brief recap here.

2015 Exclusive tees helped raise money for the FFoP in 2015.
The "Let It Shine" tee and mug are available in our Zazzle store.

(models - Suzette Boulais and co-founder Hugh Higgins)

Deep heartfelt appreciation to those who partnered with us to have this plaque created and installed
at the Peoria Heights Observation Tower. It is on the top level of the tower next to a marker depicting
the distance to Polaris ...the North Star. Dedication Ceremony took place August 14, 2015 during
our annual Dan Fogelberg Celebration.

Marietta Herod
Carol Beatty
Jodi Lathrop Hessling
John Heuermann
Joni Donithorne
Joyce Young
Paula DiLeo
Warm Heart Co
Alvin Grisham
Joyce Pillot
Dianne Turner
Pamela Bain
Linda Heiman
Mary Sundermeyer
Debbie Parish
Dana Quick-Naig
Deb Jelinek
Lisa Mendosa
Laurel Miller
Melinda Larkin
Susan Coleman Layman
Kim Young
Timothy Morgan


Our 5th annual DF Celebration in Peoria was a fun time for all who attended.
The 2014 FFoP auction of DF memorabilia raised $4200.00.

Our 2013 Celebration Weekend was another fabulous gathering of Fogelberg fans from around the country.
For a recap of the events, click here.

2013 FFoP Auction of DF memorabilia raised $3000 for our mission.


Beautiful fall weather enhanced our third annual celebration. The Friday Night Welcome Party was held
at the Cornerstone Building and we all enjoyed fabulous food and outstanding music by the River of Souls
band from Truckee, CA as well as special guest Robert McEntee and other wonderful tribute artists from around the country. We enjoyed a lovely picnic in the park Saturday afternoon by the DF memorial, followed by
a concert at the Peoria Civic Center by Dan's collegues, Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen. The
Peoria All-Stars performed some of Dan's songs to open and close the concert. The celebration
continued with a fabulous dessert buffet reception in one of the Civic Center ballrooms.

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Our fundraising online auction of Dan memorabilia for the Fogelberg Foundation raised a little over $3900.


FFoP co-founders Hugh Higgins, Deb Jelinek and Eric Mills

This is the first weekend planned and hosted by the new Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria.
An amazing time was had by all! Our Friday night Welcome Party was held at the Hotel Pere Marquette.
Once again, we had fabulous musicians from around the country honoring Dan with their renditions of his music.
The weather was beautiful for the Saturday afternoon picnic near the DF Memorial. The weekend highlight was
the Saturday Night concert featuring the Peoria Acoustic All-Stars performing Dan's double album classic,
"The Innocent Age" in its entirety at the Peoria Civic Center. This was followed by a reception in one
of the Civic Center Ballrooms.

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Our first Foundation fundraising online auction of Dan memorabilia raised nearly $6000.


An amazing weekend kicked off by a Welcome Party hosted by Jean Fogelberg, Deb Jelinek and Laurie Williams
at the Hotel Pere Marquette. Fabulous artists from across the country paying tribute to Dan entertained the guests.
Saturday started off with tours of significant DF locations aboard the Princeton Trolley, narrated by Eric Mills.
The glorious weather served as the backdrop of the Memorial Dedication Ceremony in RiverFront Park.
The celebration continued as the Peoria All-Stars honored Dan's songs at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. For more info on the Memorial and the dedication ceremony, please visit the link about the DF Memorial.

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Margaret Fogelberg, mother of the late singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg, spoke softly attempting to contain her emotions at the unveiling of the honorary street naming of  "Dan Fogelberg Parkway" in Peoria on September 9th, 2008. "We (the Fogelberg family) have been a part of the East Bluff for such a long time, and we can't believe they think so highly of us to do an honor like this."

The selection of renaming Abington St. was chosen for several reasons. Abington St. was the connector from Glen Oak grade school where Dan attended and his mother was a music teacher, and Woodruff High School where Dan graduated from in 1969. The convenience store at the intersection of Prospect Ave. and Abington was the location where Dan Fogelberg met his old lover on Christmas Eve. This chance meeting served as inspiration for the popular song Same Old Lang Syne. And just 100 yards away is the Glen Oak Amphitheater where Dan played his "Coming Home" concert in August of 1975.

Peoria city councilman Bob Manning, who coordinated the unveiling initiated by ArtsPartners director Suzette Boulais, said the street designation was named in honor of the entire Fogelberg family for their contributions to the East Bluff and the Peoria region.

Read online article from Peoria Journal - Star


Commemorative T-shirt Design by Suzette Boulais


Billed as an outdoor, day long family event to be held in Glen Oak Amphitheater on September 13th 2008, livemusicpeoria.com hosted a concert opening with Disney artist Ralph’s World in the afternoon- followed by a Dan Fogelberg Tribute show with the Peoria Acoustic All Stars- and the headliner for the night was Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, John Sebastian from the Lovin’ Spoonful.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not get copied on the event, and incessant rain began on the 10th and showed no signs of letting up the entire week. By Friday September 12th a decision had to be made. Rather than taking the easy road and cancelling, a new location was secured and a media blitz ensued to direct ticket holders to the alternate site.

In what can only be construed as a fluke of nature, the alternate location selected was the Opera House at Exposition Gardens. In Peoria’s music world of the 60’s and 70’s, the Opera House at Expo was “the place” where musicians aspired to play and announce their arrival as top dogs in the music scene.

Within the entourage of talent in the Peoria Acoustic All Stars was Barry Cloyd. Barry was a musician friend of Dan’s back in those days of yore. He told us the custom was that when you finally “arrived” and got to play the Opera House, you would sign your name on the side stage wall. When we arrived at the Opera House that day of our concert, many eyes scoured the walls and we were sublimely pleased to see the ornate signature Dan Fogelberg inscribed on the wall in Olde English script… his “coming of age” had been realized in the 60’s with The Coachmen.

Collage - DF Tribute ConcertDF wall signature

Dan’s signature is now a part of the photo collage from our performance in his honor.

The Peoria Acoustic All Stars was a gathering of 17 musicians and singers from some of Peoria’s finest acoustic folk bands. In addition, we had 4 members of the Central IL Youth symphony to provide string accompaniment to our opening song "To The Morning."

The Peoria tribute show was a unique concept that offered 14 songs from Dan’s career presented in chronological order according to album release. The idea was to present the progression of styles that signified Dan’s evolution as an artist. Every effort was made to replicate studio production quality in a live environment. It took 6 guitar slingers, 4 string players, a mandolin, bass, 2 keyboard players, an exemplary percussionist, sax man, flautist, banjo and 3 additional vocalists to attempt to recapture Dan’s sound. A script was written so that our master of ceremonies could tie the thread between the songs and announce the players as they came and went.

We began our show with our master of ceremonies setting the stage by detailing Dan’s early career and letting everyone know that even though we changed locations, this was still Dan’s house. After the introductions were concluded, we paused for a moment of silence to honor Dan. When an appropriate time had passed, our conductor signaled the string players, and the haunting chord that ushers in the beginning of "To The Morning" raised everyone’s heads to listen in captured silence.

As the show progressed, so did the rain. So much so that the ground could absorb no more. The parking lot outside the Opera House became a lake that was in search of an escape, and the raked floor of the Opera House was the only exit for the deluge. After 3 songs, the sound reinforcement company had to stop the show to pull the subwoofers from the floor that was now a foot deep with rain water pouring in under closed doors. A well meaning patron called the fire department in hopes they would pump the water out, but instead, they threatened to close the show down for safety concerns. After an hour delay of frantic attempts to pump more water out of the theater than was seeping in, the show was allowed to continue.

John Sebastian was now in the house and exercised his rightful option to play at his designated time, and the Fogelberg Tribute show was put on hold until after John’s set was over. The audience never abated and waited faithfully for the tribute show to continue. The concert resumed with new energy like a Phoenix without the flames, and Dan’s music once again filled the Opera House to the enthusiastic response of passionate fans.

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